Love ya, mom 🌝
Having OCD is a lot like listening to Mambo No. 5.
I'm low on cash but high on vibes

December 2022

f**k you 2023, i'm on that 2024 s**t already babyyy
My New York state of mind

November 2022

And some other life advice by an amateur landscaper.

October 2022

And a few other recipes for success.

September 2022

Or BetterHelp or Cerebral or Ahead or Done or British Petroleum jkjk this post is sponsored by British Petroleum.

August 2022

Death, part four.

July 2022

And the frustrations surrounding treatment-resistant OCD and depression.
And neither is your OCD.

June 2022

This post has nothing to do with the 1994 British romantic comedy film starring Hugh Grant and that lady from Groundhog Day.